The NOMOBO 5 of...Armin van Buuren

mei 25, 2017
The NOMOBO 5 of...
In the past 5 years we've done a great deal of Armin van Buuren shows all over the world. We've broadcasted a number of ASOT shows, Armin's sets at Amsterdam Music Festival, The Flying Dutch and of course his sets at Ultra Music Festival. Check out our top 5 of Armin van Buuren DJ sets here...

1. Ultra Miami 2017
It may come as no surprise that Armin's Ultra sets are well represented in this list. For the 2017 edition of Ultra all main stage sets were captured in state of the art 4K. The image quality is so good, it almost feels as if you were there. Therefore this is our absolute number 1 Armin DJ set!

2. Ultra Miami 2014
Ultra 2014 was one of the first times that Armin played his massive hit Ping Pong. This set has accumulated a whopping +8Million views on Youtube, which makes it the best viewed Armin set created by NOMOBO so far.

3. AMF 2014
Armin's Amsterdam Music Festival 2014 set is number 3 in our NOMOBO top5 of Armin van Buuren sets. Part of the Amsterdam Music Festival is the yearly DJ Mag top 100 awards show. In 2014 Armin was ranked #3 in the top 100 DJs globally.

4. ASOT Utrecht 2015
Together with team Armin we travelled the world for the a State of Trance tour, which brought us to Sydney, Utrecht, Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Mexico and Toronto. This video shows us ASOT in our and Armin's home country the Netherlands.

5. Ultra Europe 2013
Another Ultra in the list of Armin's top5. This time his set at the first edition of Ultra Europe in Croatia.

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