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The world's largest outdoor techno festival deserves a record-breaking livestream. So when Awakenings Festival was looking for a broadcast partner, NOMOBO was thrilled to push things to new heights with 15 cameras covering four stages and a crew of 40 delivering a spectacular event to millions of viewers around the world.



NOMOBO was given full authority to create the concept for Awakenings LIVE, a 16-hour livestream that included live DJ sets, on-site reports and interviews.

With more than 100 DJ sets to showcase their skills over two action-packed days, we built anticipation with a well-timed announcement video. And when the festival had finished, a slick thank-you video and short movie continued to attract and engage viewers ahead of the 2019 event.

In 2018, three stages were recorded. This year, with Awakenings keen to show the diversity of the festival, NOMOBO was tasked with showing the full breadth of the event: more artists, more stages, and a bigger festival experience.

During our event preparations, we developed a flexible and mobile set-up. This technical and creative innovative solution enabled us to produce immersive coverage across multiple stages, giving the viewer the feeling that they are at the center of the festival.

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We were determined to take Awakenings Festival to a global audience and offer the chance to experience as much as possible, so stunning 4K main stage footage was captured by state-of-the-art cinema cameras.

The camera teams, consisting of a fixed team and a roaming team, were managed from one central point. Area V was completely captured in 4K, with cinema prime lenses and 4K wireless cameras capturing the experience from unique angles. And the roaming team moved across stages, allowing the viewer to experience a new stage and artist every two hours.

A specialist team of 40 directors, cameramen, technicians, producers and editors kept everything on track. And with a control room operating at each of the three stages, acts including Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati, Amelie Lens and Joris Voorn were carried to the world in all their compelling glory.

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Through partnerships with YouTube and Facebook, Awakenings LIVE was distributed and immortalized around the world, amassing more than three million viewers over the course of the two-day event.

Fifteen DJ sets were published on the Awakenings Festival YouTube channel, racking up another three million views and taking the account's subscribers past the 125,000 mark.

In fact, since NOMOBO's introduction to Awakenings Festival, its YouTube subscription base has more than doubled – a key factor in tickets for Awakenings Festival 2019 selling out in record-breaking time!

NOMOBO Creative Director Remco Evers says: "NOMOBO specializes in making a worldwide connection between fans and music festivals.

During a livestream broadcast, you literally make the entire world your target audience. This is a revolutionary concept and Awakenings is equally progressive in the way it handles this content.

We delivered all 15 DJ sets, the majority of which were in 4K, within 24 hours of the event finishing. In the weeks that followed, new videos were published based on a specific content strategy. This generated an enormous amount of involvement and engagement from both fans and DJs, which ultimately results in more name recognition for Awakenings, higher brand engagement and faster ticket sales for future events."


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