cinematic live capture

NOMOBO's bespoke ARRI Live Multicam Workflow at David Guetta | United At Home - Dubai Edition.

This spectacular, social-minded show made use of a helicopter platform atop the luxury Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai, 210 meters above street level. Taking a cinematic approach, the production was captured with the ARRI Multicam System.

Remco Evers, executive creative director NOMOBO.TV, comments: “Using the unparalleled dynamic range of the ARRI AMIRA and ALEXA Mini on a challenging live production gave us flexibility to create the ultimate look for our show.

Starting just after sunset involved that difficult 15-minute period of ever-changing exposure in combination with the lights, lasers and LED floor becoming more visible by the minute. In post, we were able to adjust and push the footage to the fullest.

Also, the sensor of the ARRI cameras always delivers an incredibly accurate display. On night shots, with a never-ending city of lights in the background, that high dynamic range gave us something that no other camera in the world can capture as beautifully.

The impressive color space, range and never-doubtful performance of the cameras truly contributed to a cinematic style.”

See the stunning 4K end-result on YouTube here.



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