Franchise Freedom

Rotterdam, the Netherlands


History and modernity merged with spectacular effect when the Netherlands marked 75 years of freedom with a Liberation Day drone light show in May 2020.

The event was designed to pay tribute to those who had fought for freedom in the past and those currently battling to ensure the freedom and health of others today.

And, thanks to NOMOBO's expertise, every second of this national celebration was live streamed from Rotterdam to the rest of the world.

Dutch art studio DRIFT, which was founded by Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta, worked with Rotterdam-based art organization Mothership to conceive the concept and refine the final Franchise Freedom performance. The Droom en Daad Foundation and Gemeente Rotterdam also provided crucial support.

Three hundred drones lit up the night sky with a stunning production to mark two of humanity's fundamental rights. The performance culminated with the drones creating a beating red heart high above the Rotterdam skyline - a fitting image for a world desperately looking for hope.



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