Hardwell - Biggest Guestlist

Mumbai, India


This enormous charity event raised enough money to benefit over 18,000 children living in poverty, thanks to the many contributions of the sponsors and donations from fans.


NOMOBO directed the livestream and created the aftermovie of Hardwell's biggest guestlist. Fans around the world can celebrate the tremendous achievement of this occasion with a cinematic recounting of the concerts musical event and Foundation's social goal.


NOMOBO captured Hardwell and his 70.000 fans, which were invited to join the party for free. The underlining impact of this large-scale show was also highlighted by the Indian national press as a 'great source of pride for the country' and further captured the minds of many millions to detail a very important and crucial subject matter.


A Full HD livestream was distributed on Hotstar. Over 10 million fans from 75 countries around the globe tuned in via the Hotstar livestream - all showing support for what was a pivotal moment in contemporary dance music.


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