The NOMOBO 5 of… Afrojack

april 05, 2018
The NOMOBO 5 of...
Afrojack traveled all around the world for the Worldwide Ultra Music Festivals the past years. Afrojack was also part of the Ultra Miami 2017 live stream announcement, which was made by NOMOBO. We have worked a lot with the Dutch DJ at several festivals like The Flying Dutch and his own birthday party in Rotterdam and therefore we present our NOMOBO top 5 of Afrojack DJ sets.

1. Ultra Music Festival Miami 2017 + 5 million views
Afrojack did an amazing set back there in Miami. For the 2017 edition of Ultra Miami all main stage sets were captured in state of the art 4K by NOMOBO. The image quality is so good, it almost feels as if you were there. Therefore this is our absolute number 1 Afrojack DJ set!


2. The Flying Dutch 2015 Rotterdam + 900k
Back in 2015 Afrojack was the closing act at The Flying Dutch 2015 in Rotterdam. The crowd is loving this one hour set of Afrojack and so did we. That's why this show is in our NOMOBO top 5!


3. Ultra Music Festival Miami 2018 +2.1 million views
Ultra Music Festival Miami 2018 hosted one of the best live performances of Afrojack ever! It's already dark but Afrojack knows how to light up the place! His energy combined with a lot of great tunes puts this performance in place 3 on our list.


4. Ultra Europe 2014 + 695k views
Afrojack performed many times at a lot of different Ultra Music Festivals all over the world and in 2014 he was a headliner at Ultra Europe in Croatia playing an amazing show. Bring yourself back to 2014 with this awesome set at place 4!


5. Ultra Music Festival Japan 2014 + 1,5 million views
Another Ultra performance in the Afrojack top 5 list. His set in Japan on the mainstage is one to remember and a great live set to close down our Afrojack top 5 list!
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