HashiConf Digital 2020 EU

juni 22, 2020
A new one-of-a-kind digital event experience platform will be at the heart of the action when NOMOBO helps U.S. software company HashiCorp deliver its digital conference at the end of June.

The three-day HashiConf Digital 2020 EU event has been moved online following the Covid-19 pandemic.

HashiConf Digital 2020 EU
But it now looks set to be more successful than ever, thanks to the combined expertise, diligence and groundbreaking partnership of the HashiCorp, NOMOBO and INNOPIX teams.

More than 30 home production kits have been distributed to speakers across Europe, Asia and the US. NOMOBO's production team has provided help and support to set up the home studios, enabling keynote speeches to be pre-recorded through our broadcast control rooms in the weeks leading up to the conference.

And our work with INNOPIX has developed a custom-made digital event platform, featuring full Hashicorp branding, a bespoke design, a state-of-the-art video platform and packed with interactivity that elevates it above regular streaming sites.

The conference is one of the first that will be coordinated and broadcasted from our new offices and remote control rooms in Amsterdam. Breakout sessions, keynote speeches and pre-recorded segments will be interspersed with live discussion panels and sessions, as well as energetic MCs.

We can't wait to get started!

HashiConf Digital is scheduled for 22-24 June. Register here.

HashiConf Digital 2020 EU
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