What happens on YouTube in just one day?

mei 02, 2017
Online video
Can you even remember life before YouTube changed the world back in 2005? We definitely can't. But how much do you really know about what happens on YouTube? Probably less than you think!
What happens on YouTube in just one day?

Around 300.000 videos get uploaded every day across 15 categories. That represents 80.000 hours of video and 24 TB of data. The top 3 video categories are:
1. People & Blogs
2. Gaming
3. Film & Animation

Fun fact: The most watched category is actually Gaming while People & Blogs come in third, despite being the most uploaded.

The most used language in all these videos is English, almost 95%! In second place comes Portuguese thanks to a strong user base in Brazil and in third place we find Spanish. German and Russian close the top 5.

The busiest upload time is 8.00 am and the least busy time is 12.36 am. No surprise there!

Delete please
This may come as a surprise, but lots of videos get deleted after uploading. 32% of all deleted videos actually get deleted within 24 hours! 5% of these deleted videos are deleted by the users themselves, 9% by rights holders and 18% of the deleted videos are caused by termination of the user account. 26% of all uploaded videos are assessed for possible deletion and only 42% of those remain posted.

Many copyright owners use a system called Content ID to easily identify and manage their content on YouTube. If the system finds a copyright match, the owners can easily block or mute a video. QuizGroup, UMG and SonyBMG lead the pack in both claiming rights and successfully having videos taken down.

As you might be able to guess, People & Blogs, Film & Animation and Entertainment are leading categories for being deleted, taken down and claimed by rights holders. But there are a couple of surprises. Gaming is the second more common category to be claimed by rights holders but often unsuccessfully – it doesn't crack the top three for being deleted and taken down. Also, Science & Technology lands in the top three for most deleted categories.

Video length
The average length of YouTube videos is about 15 minutes but videos in certain categories are quite long or very short! The longest videos can be found in the categories Movies, Film & Animation and Non-profits & Activism. The shortest videos can be found in the categories Trailers, Science & Technology and Pets & Animals.

Only 3% of YouTube data each day consists of livestreams, one of NOMOBO's specialties. But with Livestream reporting that 81% of internet and mobile audiences watched more live video in 2016 than in 2015, we expect that number to rise sharply in the coming years. Are you ready?

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