Nissan Leaf



NOMOBO captured the reveal of the new Nissan Leaf Electric Car in Tokyo. Commissioned by George P. Johnson, NOMOBO created this multi-camera production. The car reveal was streamed live on Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and transmitted to Las Vegas using satellite connection.

The special aspect of this show was the creative collaboration between all of the different technical departments. Lights, laser, video and sound worked together perfectly to create the perfect moment.

Another striking element of the release of the new Nissan Leaf was the way they revealed the car with highly advanced and spectacular audiovisual and lighting techniques. Every element had to be precisely timed. During the release the Nissan car was showed within a box covered with visuals. On screens in every side of a cube they showed the simple life as it was before and slowly transformed it into todays complicated world. After that the Nissan drove into a cube and was presented in the middle of it. They used special techniques to show every new specialty of the car. A realistic show of the technical aspects of the car was made, with the usage of lasers, music and visuals.



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