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Audio Obscura - Charity Livestream

The Loft @ A'DAM Tower

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Beautiful sunsets and beating COVID-19: meet the goals of Audio Obscura's four-day charity livestream from the Loft in Amsterdam's A'DAM Tower.
NOMOBO was proud to play its part, creating a stream that amassed almost 800,000 views across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and raising vital funds for the World Health Organization's COVID-19 research.
Each day during the hours of sunset, a different DJ played a unique and extraordinary set. Colin 'Kyteman' Benders wowed with a modular live performance. Joris Voorn hit all the right notes, with Blackwater's Octave One an inspired choice at sundown, while Satori and De Sluwe Vos showcased some of their freshest tunes.
And because safety was paramount, only 3 crew members were involved in this five-camera production. Other footage came from a remote slider cam, 2 remote minicams and a remote camera on top of the A'DAM Tower that captured breathtaking panoramic views of the city and every detail of four magical sunsets - sharing some good vibes in these times of crisis.
Little wonder Dutch newspaper Het Parool listed the stream on its rundown of the best online DJ sets.


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