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Basic-Fit Group Exercise Revolution

GXR ON-DEMAND is the video platform for Basic-Fit members that allows you to take GXR VIRTUAL lessons whenever and wherever you want. You can follow the lessons via the video platform in My Basic-Fit or via the Basic-Fit app.

Every eight weeks, two million Basic-Fit members across Europe enjoy access to 28 new virtual fitness classes – and it's NOMOBO's production expertise that's getting them into perfect shape.

With more than 650 clubs spread across the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Spain, Basic-Fit is Europe's market leader in the value-for-money fitness industry. It expects to reach 1,000 clubs by 2021.

But it's NOMOBO that does the heavy lifting when it comes to Basic-Fit's GXR virtual classes. We create expert teams to deliver videos quickly and efficiently. We capture all the sweat and effort of every adrenalin-pumping class. And we immortalize them in three different languages to reach millions of gym users across the continent.


From the start of Basic-Fit's GXR (Group Exercise Revolution) project, NOMOBO was given complete control of the entire audiovisual production process.

Our creative vision was trusted to build the concept of GXR videos. But to succeed, we knew we needed the very best team – so we made sure every last detail, in every process from recording through to delivery, was covered by true specialists.

By collaborating with light show designers The Art of Light, stage specialists 250K and Paul Sueters, we created a purpose-built set at an old club in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.

It was a move that laid the foundations for a remarkable success.


Every two months, we capture 28 virtual classes and 50 promo videos in Dutch, French and Spanish.

The turnaround time on each video is just two weeks, with five digital cinema cameras with 4K cinema lenses used to produce a unique, high-quality look and feel to the final product.


Each class is distributed to Basic-Fit's clubs across Europe, as well as being available to Basic-Fit members across desktop, mobile and casting devices.

Rene Moos, CEO of Basic-Fit, said: "It's our mission to make fitness accessible to all people across Europe.

"The launch of our new virtual group classes platform, GXR, is making it even easier for people to exercise and have fun both inside and outside our clubs – and it helps in our aim to reach as many as five million people with our fitness offering by 2025."


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