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David Guetta - United at Home (Miami)

Icon Brickel Miami, USA

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When one of the world's biggest DJs decided to raise funds to fight COVID-19, not even 7,500km of water could stop us from making some serious waves.

The Atlantic Ocean stood between David Guetta's Miami base and NOMOBO's Netherlands headquarters.

But with a small local camera crew at Icon Brickell Pool Deck coordinated by a team of five in our remote control room in Amsterdam, the top-notch 90 minute 'United at Home' livestream proved a record-breaking moment.

It amassed more than 25 million views and 1.5 million concurrent viewers - a new all-time high for NOMOBO - and raised more than $720,000 for bodies such as the World Health Organization.

It was streamed on multiple platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, VK - and even national television in France!

And little over a week after the event, its viewing figures had continued to soar: 17 million views on Facebook, 3.2 million views on YouTube, 1.2 million views on Twitter, 650,000 on Twitch, and 830,000 on VK. It had also earned media mentions from Forbes, Rolling Stone and Billboard.

We'll dance to that!


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