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Digital DGTL 2020

The leading living room festival in the world.

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When the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted plans for Amsterdam's DGTL Festival in April, its organizers were faced with a simple choice: go home or go online.

They went online - and NOMOBO was thrilled to use its expertise to deliver DIGITAL DGTL, a free two-day blockbuster live-stream including Adriatique, Jasper Wolff and Ana Lilia.

This was the first ever online-only festival and it proved a massive success, racking up more than two million views. On both days, three stages were streamed simultaneously (2pm-11pm), giving fans the chance to replicate the real festival experience by choosing the set that best matched their mood.With the help and direction of our experienced crew, the DJs filmed their own sets. Clips of the NDSM Wharf, where the festival was originally scheduled to take place, were then cut into the sets by our editing team, with only four NOMOBO staff needed during the actual broadcast.

The success of DIGITAL DGTL and NOMOBO quickly gathered wider attention, earning media mentions in Billboard and Forbes among others.

Bram Merkx, global marketing director for DGTL, said: "It was unbelievable to see the dedication put in to bringing this idea to life. Everyone was very much up to a creative challenge during these days of lockdown and quarantine."


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