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Sanya: A Beauty To Discover

This fascinating city attracts people from all over the world with its unique ocean, delicate food, and splendid culture.

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An overthrow of tradition and the repositioning of an aging resort into a vibrant new tropical paradise.
That's what NOMOBO achieved when it was commissioned to deliver a stunning new travel commercial for Sanya, a city on the island of Hainan in southern China. A stunning film was created, using high-end cinematography shot exclusively on the state-of-the-art Arri Mini with Zeiss Master Anamorphic Lenses.
We took control of every stage. From creating the concept and script, through to handling all production and post-production, our filming and storytelling expertise delivered a new vibe for a destination determined to attract China's wealthy youth.
Known for decades for its influx of elderly tourists, Sanya wanted to shake off its old image. New priorities emerged for a resort blessed with the beaches of Bali, the lifestyle of Miami, the nightlife of Ibiza and the shopping of Dubai.
And with most Chinese city marketing still operating in a stale, traditional style, the opportunity was clear. Our work to create a Chinese 'Ibiza of the South' quickly hit the spot – and prosperous millennials are now flocking to this transformed resort.
Rahma Marzak, Creative at NOMOBO, said: "Everywhere we travelled in Hainan, we found breathtaking and beautiful scenery. We were determined to make the most of it!
In a shoot-as-you-go style, we travelled around the island capturing footage with incredible skill and determination. We took risks – from hanging out of the back of a car to sitting on a mountain for hours waiting for our elusive shot – but the end result was worth every second of effort. Looking back now, it's clear our Hainan adventure was a once-in-a-lifetime creative experience!"


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