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NOMOBO was commissioned to produce the livestream for Germany's Parookaville Festival – the country's biggest and most spectacular electronic music event.

And in an innovative move that tore up industry convention, we kept the beat going for weeks after the event had finished. Here's the full lowdown on how we achieved the impossible.



When we started work with Parookaville in 2018, our primary aim was to create a stellar livestream. But we also wanted to generate unprecedented levels of interest in the festival, so we were involved with planning from the start.

Our idea for a groundbreaking 4K after-series was met with huge excitement.

While research and market analysis had shown online video viewing habits had changed dramatically in recent years, there was still a major opportunity to be explored.

Could we ride the event's wave of momentum and keep the audience engaged for months after the event? We were convinced we could.

It just needed the right approach.



NOMOBO's expert team, industry knowledge and world-class technology was brought together to capture every aspect of Parookaville.

During the festival, a multi-camera, three-day, 24-hour live HD broadcast was streamed across YouTube. All DJ sets were recorded in 4K and 31 sets were distributed and uploaded to Parookaville's YouTube channel.

We also produced end-of-day videos, teasers and announcements.

But where we broke completely new ground was with Parookaville Unchained, our unique 4K after-series. The concept was simple: 10 weekly episodes, each around two to three minutes in length to capitalize on changing viewing habits that saw a trend emerge for shorter viewing times.



It was a thrill to immortalize Parookaville in a variety of successful formats.

Our livestream amassed more than 2.5 million views, reaching more than 8 million people in 177 countries.

The DJ sets gathered 2 million views, Parookaville Unchained generated another million views and Parookaville's YouTube channel grew by 142%.

Remco Evers NOMOBO's Creative Director said: "The amount of freedom we were given was fantastic. This was a big challenge, but we got great results in the end. We love working with Parookaville Festival and can't wait to do so again."


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