Smartphone Production Kit (SPK)

Easy unburdened setup, top-notch quality output.

NOMOBO has developed a turn-key remote broadcast solution based on a high-quality smartphone.

The Smartphone Production Kit enables speakers to pre-record keynote presentations or contribute and interact live to online events through NOMOBO's remote control room (MCR).

The advantage of an SPK is the short setup time of 15 minutes while maintaining high-quality video, audio and IFB communication support.

With the speaker only needed to setup the kit, our engineers can fully control audio, communicatons, image quality, recording and transmission settings to unburden during production phase.

Technical specifications:

  • one office case size on your doorsteps 
  • setup time 15 minutes
  • fully remote controlled by MCR
  • HD 1080p60 high-quality camera
  • broadcast quality lavalier microphone
  • low-delay in-ear IFB earpiece for return audio of other speakers or director cues

The SPK package includes a small lighting kit.



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