Constantijn Van Duren

CCO / Founder

Constantijn started his professional career while pursuing his Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, serving as technology manager at a webcasting company. After graduating, he worked his way through several international broadcast service providers to become Head of Production at Eyeworks Sport in Amsterdam.

Not one to be bound to an office working on Excel sheet budgets, Constantijn left the company to get his hands dirty creating beautiful content again - for online audiences that experience content from every place in the world, live and on-demand.

In 2012 he met fellow NOMOBO co-founder Robert to focus on building the company to what is today.

Constantijn on how NOMOBO pushes boundaries: 
"NOMOBO goes way beyond producing creative content as a supplier or vendor - we help you create the next level video driven concept to reach your target audience anywhere on the globe - with no boundaries on creative, technology or location of origin in mind."