Robert Buisman

CEO / Founder


NOMOBO CEO Robert Buisman has nearly a decade of video production experience, founding NOMOBO in 2012. In addition to his management role, which includes strategic planning and new business development, Robert is driving technological innovation by continuously upgrading existing and introducing new workflows.

An amateur DJ in his youth, Robert discovered an early passion for capturing the unique energy of electronic dance music (EDM) on camera. While attending film school at the Dutch Film & TV Academy, he owned and operated DutchTilt Productions, producing music videos and music festival aftermovies. In 2012, he released his first feature film as producer, Can U Feel It, documenting the experience of Ultra Music Festival, one of the world's largest and most influential music festivals.

Although NOMOBO has expanded beyond the music industry, Robert believes in staying true to the company's DNA - capturing and communicating the energy and vibrancy of live events.

Robert on how NOMOBO pushes boundaries:
"We take a like-minded future-focused approach to all that we do and are fully committed to giving our clients and consumers the best experience — in person, digitally, or hybrid. We’ve developed a brand and service using proprietary technological innovations, and we’re known for the highest quality online broadcasting, but we’re also storytellers - a key differentiator in how we approach our client engagements. We put as much effort into set design, content quality and speaker performance as we do ensuring the viewing experience is optimized."