T-mobile TV Commercial

featuring Zedd


Calling all music lovers!

NOMOBO helped get the United States switched on and ready to listen when it was commissioned to produce a series of television commercials promoting T-Mobile's unlimited data streaming and the iPhone 6S.

Working for Publicis NA and T-Mobile, we created three memorable slots (one of 60 seconds, two of 30 seconds) aimed directly at a mobile-first, data-hungry target audience.

We captured EDM superstar Zedd before, during and after a major gig on his True Colors tour. By cutting concert footage with backstage and on-the-road clips against a soundtrack of Beautiful Now, we generated three attention-grabbing films.

The ads – which premiered at the 2015 American Music Awards – proved an immediate hit. They quickly immortalized T-Mobile as the LTE service provider of choice for a music-loving generation.



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