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From the untouched beaches of Virginia Key direct to the screens of music lovers around the world, NOMOBO dances to a different beat when it comes to live streaming Ultra Music Festival.

For eight years, we've worked closely with Ultra Music Festival to deliver a major online audience – designing the strategy, executing the production and distributing the content to fans and DJs on every corner of the planet. More than two and a half billion views later, we're proud to continue our pioneering efforts.

We create stunning multi-camera live streams. We capture the raw emotion behind every Ultra Music Festival. And we immortalize these epic moments through UMF TV, a key part of Ultra's marketing mix that has seen it grow from two original shows to today's stable of more than 37 worldwide events each year.



In 2019, we had full control over the strategy, concept and production script of two 27-hour livestreams on YouTube and Facebook. One livestream switched between the Mainstage, Worldwide Stage, Live Stage and ASOT Stage, while the other showed the techno-music-driven RESISTANCE Megastructure.

More than 222 nationalities watched around the world, racking up more than 18.5 million views in three days – including a mind-blowing 400,000 per day for RESISTANCE alone.

We built an early buzz with a high-quality announcement video. Then we concentrated on giving unprecedented access and coverage to fans. Hosts Andrea Helfrich and Will Best anchored our show, juggling live interviews with throws to backstage footage, field reports, and the latest social media content.

Behind the scenes, live crosstalks meant the energy and direction never dropped. Out in the action, live drone feeds offered unique views while live DJ sets were shown throughout the broadcast. And we also included Instagram Live feeds, streaming content from viewers at home and in the crowd in a unique split-screen environment.



All in, a crew of 100 worked on this monster production: 40 of our best directors, cameramen, technicians, producers, editors and social media experts flew into Miami, with a local team of 60 other skilled professionals joining us there.

4K cinema cameras and custom-built fly-packs captured every headliner, including Martin Garrix, Afrojack and Marshmello. In total, 21 cameras and four control rooms ensured every minute from all four stages was recorded.



Through our partnerships with YouTube and Facebook, ULTRA LIVE generated unprecedented audience figures. And the hits kept coming.

We supplied each broadcasted DJ with footage of their set for them to upload on their YouTube channel – including 19 individual full-length Mainstage live sets in 4K resolution. Our top 3 DJ sets surpassed more than five million views within a week of being uploaded:

1. Afrojack – +2.4 million views
2. Martin Garrix – +2 million views
3. Marshmello – 1.4 million views

"These impressive numbers prove once again the increasing relevance of live event video production in the highest possible quality with a fast turnaround," says Robert Buisman, NOMOBO founder and CEO. "It adds a tremendous value to brands, artists and music labels, as well as creating global interaction between viewers, fans and brands."

NOMOBO's work has also built a lasting legacy for Ultra's future marketing. UMF TV's subscriber numbers have passed 1.5 million on YouTube and one million on Facebook.



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