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Who we

NOMOBO is a data-driven video content agency producing exciting, energetic content for the world’s biggest brands.

Who we are

NOMOBO is a global video content agency; a world leader in creating, capturing and distributing live event broadcasts with specialties in music, sports and brand communication. We are the only international company to produce interactive broadcasts using state-of-the-art technology that maximizes viewer engagement and delivers quantifiable data for proven ROI. With a heritage documenting electronic dance music concerts and festivals, we bring unparalleled levels of energy, excitement and engagement to our vibrant footage.


Maximum Global Reach + Highest Viewer Engagement

Headquartered in Amsterdam and New York, NOMOBO executes shows in 22 countries with more than 2.5 billion views of our content online in the last year. Our strategic approach to creative design, technical execution and content distribution activates brands and engages audiences.

Design-Focused Approach

To shoot the perfect moment, you must design the perfect moment. That's why our team is comprised not only of the industry's top story tellers, directors, editors, and directors of photography but also production designers, technical producers and FX designers. Our design-focused approach means we engage more deeply in the production of the shows we capture than anyone else in the industry – ensuring perfection on screen and off.

Dedicated Content Division

Our digital expertise and dedicated content division as a video content agency allow NOMOBO to monetize content on behalf of our clients. From the development and management of YouTube channels to television and documentary production, we create ongoing revenue streams that maximize the value of your content before, during and after your event. NOMOBO also conceptualizes and brokers unique marketing opportunities for brand, producing and distributing branded content through those same channels.



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Vaalmuiden 23
1046 BV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31(0) 20 716 58 00
New York

515 Park Ave #3C
New York, NY 10022

+1 (646) 760 2630
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