How we brought the performance of the duo consisting of Martin Garrix and Maejor to Disney+.



A unique collaboration between
NOMOBO, Area21, Highscream
and Arf & Yes.



Multi-camera setup, recording in Arri Raw format to leverage our cameras' full capabilities.



Watch the performance on Disney+.

In the middle of a pandemic, Martin Garrix & Maejor released their first album as the music duo "Area21". NOMOBO captured their first-ever live performance of this album. 

The Setup

In 'Het Sportpaleis' in Antwerp, we set up our equipment. With an elevated stage, this proved to be a challenge as it was difficult to be at the same height as the artists. As a solution, we used telescopic cranes. This enabled us to not only be at an appropriate height with our cameras but also made us more dynamic in moving at that height.

The show was recorded using four Arri Amira cameras, two technocrane 50s and one FPV drone

In total, we recorded the show three times with this setup, each time moving the technocranes to a different base location from which the arm would swing around the stage and provide us with amazing shots. Filming the show three times meant we had twelve angles to work with. This provided us with a lot of detail and many options when the footage was finally put together. 


Creative Choices

The concept of the show as well as the stage design was created by Romain Pissenem, owner of Highscream. In collaboration with Job Robbers, director of the camera plan, we captured this special performance.

As for every project, we brought our high-quality cinematic approach. Our Arri Amiras and the use of the FPV drone, back then an innovative and rarely used tool for live show recording, delivered the unique NOMOBO cinematic style. 

Our goal was to capture the light-, show- and stage design created by Arf & Yes and Highscream, sharply and cinematically. With the detail of all of the angles we recorded from, we had a wide selection of amazing shots to choose from.

Successful Collaboration

"I love the collaboration with NOMOBO, I’m surprised they are not tired of me yet, cause I love going into the editing room, sitting next to them, making it better… I might have asked NOMOBO to make an editing studio in my house!"
- Martin Garrix

Multiple parties came together to bring this project to life, including Highscream, responsible for the stage design, Arf & Yes, in charge of the light design, and of course Area21

Finally, our edit team, along with the input from creative, stitched all of the footage together. In close collaboration with Martin Garrix, who accompanied our editor the entire way in our edit suites, the final product was created. 

The successful collaboration is NOMOBO's first show available on a streaming platform: the Area 21 performance is available on Disney+ since April 8th, 2023.



A project like this is what really brings the best out of everybody at NOMOBO. I’m proud of our team that worked so hard on every detail of this recording and very thankful to Martijn, Maejor, Romain and the rest of the team for the collaboration and trust. 

Remco Evers

Creative Director NOMOBO


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