A story-driven show and a world-class performance: Martin Garrix and NOMOBO partnered to produce ANIMA. 


After weeks of preparation, NOMOBO soared to success with Martin Garrix at Amsterdam Dance Event 2018.

His ANIMA show was a story-driven extravaganza, using computer-generated visuals and world-class lighting to depict the consequences of artificial intelligence gaining sentience. We were thrilled to capture every minute in stunning 4K UHD.

Gabriel Fraboni, creative director for Martin Garrix, said: "Working with NOMOBO was a super experience. I used to dislike doing streams because they got in the way of our end goal, which was making the best possible show. But this was the first time I've collaborated with a streaming company and felt like we were both on the same side."

To create the best possible show, NOMOBO was involved from the start in weeks of planning and consideration.


No effort was spared: The depth of preparation made this production comparable to a full-scale concert recording.

A week before the show, the set-up was recreated in a studio to enable intense rehearsals. Furthermore, to give room for extra creativity, time codes were ditched and all audio and lighting elements were instead operated by hand.

Twelve cameras were used to capture this incredible show, including complex integrations into the stage design. This pushed the footage options well above average for similar productions.

Two shows were recorded, color graded and edited into a final 4K UHD YouTube release. An intensive collaboration with team Garrix – including a 5.1 surround sound audio mix created directly with Martijn – added the finishing touches.

And the results were quick!


Harnessing our experience to immortalize this spectacular event was an incredible honor. The YouTube release generated more than one million views within the first two weeks. Fraboni reiterated the importance of the production's success and the pressure that came along with it.

"Knowing we were going to record the show for a YouTube release put more weight behind each decision because it was no longer a one-time thing. It would be seen over and over again. But that made everyone go the extra mile to get the best possible product.

"Every decision had a motivation and it was so rewarding to see the end result. It excites me to think of all the possibilities for the future!"


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