Parookaville 2022

How the Parookaville festival increased its global reach by 2.500% in collaboration with NOMOBO!



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A unique partnership

The German electronic dance festival Parookaville, held at a former military air force base, first opened its doors in 2015 welcoming 25.000 visitors.

In 2022, this number has increased to a staggering 225.000 attendees. Next to the physical experience, Parookaville commissioned NOMOBO to create the official live stream and offer a digital experience to the world.


Parookaville is known for its strong storytelling and immense stage production, creating a fully-fledged city and hosting Germany’s largest festival. In the creation process of the digital experience, NOMOBO and Parookaville combined forces to fully develop the scope of the project.

Everything had to be taken into account. Priority was given to the live broadcast, but there were also digital billboards scattered around the festival terrain that needed video material. Next to that, Parookaville had attracted some high-level sponsorships that required specialized clips and promotional material, which added even more pressure to the already extensive production planning!

How did NOMOBO deal with this extensive project and deliver as promised? It called for the right approach!


First and foremost, the live broadcast was the key element of this project. To create a full digital experience of this live stream required careful consideration. Think of end-of-day videos, teasers, short movies and interviews to communicate the festival vibes, but also to connect with the global audience on a more personal level. This amounted to a total of almost 60 custom content items and over 40 DJ-sets recorded and delivered in 4K quality

New this year was the partnership with social media giant TikTok, which exclusively streamed the official Parookaville live stream. Capturing a festival in landscape mode is one thing, broadcasting this on a portrait screen brought many more challenges. In the end, NOMOBO nailed it, and TikTok Germany was over the moon with the quality of the content broadcasted on their platform. 

As Tanja Rogiest from Parookaville stated, “We've got word from TikTok that they were simply blown away by the live broadcast!”


Immortalizing Parookaville and celebrating Germany’s biggest festival with a global audience was an unforgettable experience. Together with NOMOBO, the festival generated over 5,5 million views, transforming the physical reach to a global reach and increasing it by 2.500%

Taking the opportunity to have a live broadcast on TikTok turned out to be an immense success. Utilizing the social media platform for these types of productions proved to be a perfect fit, evident from the average watch time of over 30 seconds. This remarkable duration confirmed one of the highest watch times in the industry, confirming the effectiveness of leveraging the platform.

On top of that, Parookaville gained 50.000 followers over the weekend on their TikTok page, growing their following immensely. Even TikTok themselves were blown away by the cinematic quality and visual storytelling that NOMOBO added to the Parookaville live stream.

Next to live content, NOMOBO provided Parookaville with the recorded DJ sets to use in their post-event process. The uploaded sets accumulated 1.5 million views on YouTube just a couple of weeks after the festival, and continued to ramp up as Parookaville released more recorded sets to their channel. 

For the last few weeks I have been looking at multiple live streams, but NOMOBO is the only company that really nails it!

Bernd Dicks

Founder and CEO of Parookaville


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