Rodan + Fields

Since 2016, North America's number one skincare brand has turned to NOMOBO to create a live, on-demand TV show for its annual convention.


Our expertise allows all 300,000 Rodan + Fields global consultants can access the company's biggest event from anywhere in the world, driving huge pay-per-view and product revenues as each reseller looks for the latest news and developments that could boost their business.

In 2018, our efforts were recognized with a Silver Stevie Award at the 16th Annual American Business Awards banquet!

Each year, we create the concept and strategy to generate large online audiences. We capture hours of inspirational speakers, broadcasting from seven different sites as well as an onsite studio. NOMOBO immortalizes the event with a full HD livestream reaching more than 50,000 registered users.


Commissioned by George P. Johnson (GPJ), we've devised the online strategy for the Rodan + Fields annual convention since the 2016 event at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Our efforts start by generating in-person audiences: With a pre-announcement video, we boost registrations prior to the event. Then, once the convention begins, our expertise really shines as we produce a live broadcast to generate an even larger online audience. The extensive production switches between the main stage's general sessions, multiple (live) breakout rooms, roaming teams and remote viewing parties in the United States, Canada and Australia to create a dynamic, engaging and captivating live stream.

A team of external and internal hosts anchor the live broadcast and provide seamless transitions between the different sets. Chase Willardson and Ashley Eicher front the live broadcast, while Morgan King, Myisha Proctor and Kelly Tarapani offer field reports from different sites across the event.


A special virtual studio, located on-site at the Expo, plays a central role in the show. It acts as the hub from which each day's broadcast begins as well as a return point between keynotes and breakout sessions. The creative teams of NOMOBO, GPJ and Rodan + Fields collaborated to create the slick, well dressed and beautifully-lit space, formulating a comprehensive plan encompassing design, creative elements, a camera and lighting plan that enables the hosts to effortlessly conduct interviews and present mood reports, facilitates viewer Skype calls, social integrations and a live chat.

Lastly, our edit team crafted a wonderful post-event thank-you video designed to recapture memorable moments and to sustain engagement with the brand for both live attendees and registered viewers. 


Our dedicated team of more than 50 included directors, camera operators, engineers, producers, editors, presenters and support staff work on this event each year.

Their efforts capture 25 hours of live footage, taking in everything from the red-carpet arrivals show to inspirational speakers, breakout sessions, product launches and an awards gala that has included Meghan Trainor as the main entertainment.

Through a bespoke online platform created in collaboration with IBM and Wondersauce, our full HD live stream is distributed to more than 50,000 paid viewers across the United States, Canada and Australia each year.

Much of the footage, including the general and breakout sessions, remains available to subscribers on demand, immortalizing each event (Las Vegas 2016 and 2017, New Orleans 2018, Nashville 2019) for Rodan + Fields consultants, new and old alike.