Cutting-edge technology in our master control rooms enable us to define the future of broadcasting.

State-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions:

We work with the most advanced gear and innovate to push the boundaries of conventional content and live broadcasts.

New technologies

We stay a step ahead of the industry, adopting new technologies first and working with the highest quality equipment and developing in-house customized workflows to deliver more efficient, faster, greener and better results.

Cinematic Approach

Our cinematic and internationally award-winning approach makes your event look stunning. Our multi-camera set ups provide dynamic shots with movie-feel.

Global Leader

NOMOBO is a global leader in 4K broadcasting with a cinematic approach and is the only production house capable of multi-camera, 4K live streaming or broadcast productions, from capture to delivery.

We are partnered with leading camera systems provider Arri to deliver live broadcast productions with a cinematic feel. These state-of-the-art, digital cinema camera systems provide enhanced depth of field and superior results in challenging lighting conditions.